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  1. Payments can be made through cash only.

  2. If the parent/guardians fails to pay fee along with the fine within 15 days of the expiry of  the due date, a warning will be sent by the School Head to the parents and the child will be debarred from attending classes and taking the school examinations.

  3. The transfer certificate will not be issued until all outstanding amounts are cleared.

  4. A fine up to Rs. 500/- may be charged if a student fails to maintain the required attendance Percentage.

  5. The Fee and the other charges are subject to change from time to time. Parents will, however, be informed of any such changes.

  6. The school will have the right to charge fine if:-

    • Library books have not been returned on time / not in proper condition.

    • A student damages school property.

    • A student fails to maintain required percentage of attendance and no valid reason is furnished before the school authorities.

  7. Re-admission of fee defaulters/ amount of fine will be at the sole discretion of the school administration.